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Love in the neighborhood air...

Love couple - Theresa and her Fiancee

I believe Theresa has been follow us on our facebook page, and she just liked out work. So she stopped by at our booth at the #BridalExtravaganza and later on set up a date to meet. I drove down to start bucks in galleria, she came with her fiancee and her 2 (if I remember correct) years old son. When I met Theresa and her fiancee at #Starbucks in galleria, he seemed to be really quiet and reserved, but he appeared to be a totally different person (in a very good way) on their #engagement session. He brought all the charms to the session. He was just very #natural and not very #cameraShy. So was Theresa. I had a lot of fun shooting their engagement session at nearby #neighborhood. I could feel the #loveIntheAir in the whole area. Here are some more pictures. I will be looking forward to their #weddingDay in 2020.

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