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Marlei and Zach Wedding at Ashton Garden West

We were contacted by Marlei's mom Terri about their daughters special day. She wanted us to provide videography only. So We sat down together and went over all the options, she went ahead and booked the premium Videography. Technically we never really spoke to Marlei or Zach, a very young couple. All the communication went through her mom and she did a great job keeping all these lined up.

Here is the video: )

Terri and Marley both were happy and left us a positive review on theKnot:

Terri English , married on 08/10/2019 5.0 View more

Easy to work with and we loved our video!

From beginning to end we have appreciated: quick responses, professional videographers, the attention they paid to their surroundings, catching such perfect moments that day and finally a perfect keepsake of my daughter’s wedding. We would use them again!

Sent on 09/06/2019

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