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Yvonne and Justin's Wedding at Agave Estates

Yvonne and Justin

March 15, 2020 is the day when two best friends, that are made for each other, got married. The interesting part was, this is when people were so scared as Corona virus was spreading fast. So many people already got infected and so many people died in Italy. A lot of the couples already called off the wedding in march due to Covid-19. As there was not strict restriction on large gathering, Yvonne and Justin decided to move forward with the wedding and surprisingly almost all their friends and families that were invited showed up! It also proved that their friends/families really cared about their big day.

I believe Yvonne found us through Instagram or Facebook, if I remember correctly, even though Yvonne really wanted to book us for her speciall day, Justin had some hesitation:) But when I met Yvonne in person, hopefully that hesitate went away. But I was really surprised and at the same time excited to learn that she was very popular and well known belly dancer in Houston. In fact she is one of the best ones I have seen in my life. She is so good at it. That made me even more excited to be part of her big day and see the special dance she did on her wedding day.

Even though the day was very cloudy but it was beautiful. Here are few shots from getting ready and ceremony:


The reception was just a blast, the decoration was so nice and pretty. Yvonne's special dance for her husband was beyond awesome and mesmerizing. I am sure everyone felt like they were on the Arabian Night Shooting/production set.

The night ended with a great grand exit...

Here are few shots from reception: