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Amanda and Carlos's Wedding at the Big Sky Barn.

If you want to hear about real love story - that started in Middle School (thats right, before high school!) then you gotta meet Carlos and Amanda.

Amanda and Carlos met in middle school and instantly became best friends. They decided to give it a shot freshman year of high school and have been together ever since. Just celebrated their 10 year anniversary in December.

One other thing I must mention that - Amanda hired me without even talking to me over the phone let alone meeting me in person. She found us online. And ofcourse I am glad she picked us! We got to experience a wonderful wedding.

Thank you for the wonderful review and trusting us for your big day!

Here are some shots from the ceremony:

Big Sky Barn is one of the beautiful venues in Houston, (barn style). It is very colorful how every pretty dark inside in the reception area. But it is beautiful for wedding ceremony and reception.

Here are few shots from the reception:

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