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Pine Lake Ranch wedding ceremony- Darwin Melendez & Stacy Alvarez

The natural splendor of the pine ranch-covered mountains, along with dreamy, passionate moments, creates the ideal backdrop for this beautiful wedding ceremony. It's safe to say that no detail was neglected while crafting this magical intimate affair, from the bride's stunning gown and the groom's coffee-colored tuxedo to the luscious florals and rich flashes of color from nature.

Do you know where this love story begins?

This isn't just another love story. Friendship, trust, and understanding are the foundations of this love story. They first met in Spanish class when they were in eighth grade. They stared at each other, They never know one day his wonderful thing will happen. They began talking and helping one another in their studies. They started spending time together and became close friends. After a long time of friendship, they began to have feelings for each other and began dating. They're now married, as you can see. Isn't it magical?

Big congratulations on their special day. May this couple's marriage be long and joyful.

Getting ready for her special day.

Small gifts from groom to bride.

Here is the highlight Video from the day:

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