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Fall Minisession - 2021

I haven't really written

a blog for ages. Have been overwhelmed with weddings this year.

I don't typically do Mini session. But this fall, with the fall color change, my mind changed as well and wanted to do quick experimental mini session at the 20 Acre Land in Hockley.

Ofcourse when Nathalie and Eric signed up for the first session - I was kinda worried on the expectation - whats really their expectation in that 20 minutes from me - as I never really did a mini session. Eitherway, I kinda ended up doing almost full blown session but it was such a pleasure to know and work with this lovely couple.

Nathalie is from Columbia and Eric from Mexico - they already got married but due to Covid never really did any event. So they are planning a nice big event next year to celebrate their wedding with family and friends. But all I want a nice little bag of Coffee from Columbia from Nathalie:)

Here are few pics from the session -

If you are interested in a session like this please contact us at

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