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Houston the springs marriage ceremony- Piyush & Kajal

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

There is a reason classics are called classics. When we saw Kajal & piyush's wedding celebrations, we were reminded once again how quintessential wedding colours like red & beige make for such a picture perfect combination! However, it was Kajal's reception outfit that really wowed us with the offbeat silhouette and colour. The Oryan photo and video shot the wedding with intense dedication and delivered some immemorial shots for the couple.

Do you know what brought Piyush Nain and Kajal Singh together?

Their wonderful love tale begins at school, where they met for the first time. They were not close at first, but as time went on, they began to chat more and more and eventually became best friends. They don't only hang around in a circle; they also meet up individually and make plans to see a movie or go to the park. They didn't realise they were in love at first, but they eventually embraced it. They are now not only best friends, but soulmates.

Best wishes on their special day. May this pair have a long and happy marriage.

Getting ready for her special day.

Grand entry of the groom.

Here is the wedding highlight Video:

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