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Ayo and Christiana Wedding

We met Christiana at Bridal Extravaganza about 2 years ago. We are always very excited about exotic wedding and Nigerian wedding is definitely one! It is just colorful, full of dancing and ofcourse so fun to see bride changing outfit like 10 times throughout the event. Unfortunately Ayo did not get the visa on time, so we had to postpone the wedding to June 2019. Yes we were so glad to be part of their love story and capturing the moments!

Here are some shots from the wedding and engagement - and the highlight video from their wedding.

Christiana and Ayo at their engagement.

More shots from the wedding:

Some photos from the wedding;

Here is the highlight video:

Makeup- lyzadora beauty Dj- dj chubbee Decor- modeeffect events

Venue: Sterlings Banquete

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