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Blake - Kacie Engagement in Midtown..

Kacie and Blake

We met Kacie at the Bridal Extravaganza, in fact I do not even remember meeting her, but she got information through Bridal Extravaganza, and she booked us without even face to face consultation! Thank you again fo having faith on us! But I had the opportunity to get to know them closely during their engagement session this Friday. Kacie is one of the lovely brides I ever met, she is always smiling, and Blake is a down to earth person. They are just made for each other. Blake is realtor, Kacie is an attorney. During the session, for a single moment they didnot let me feel like I was a stranger to them! At the end we all had so much fun taking pictures! The day was really cloudy but towards the end of our session, almost close to sunset, the sun came out for like 10 minutes. We managed to get some great shots at the Black Labrador pub and in Mid Town area. Like I always say, its true I love being part of weddings, but the most importantly, I love making new friends in the process. After the engagement session, I felt like I made two new life long friends!:) Can't wait to shoot their wedding in October 2020.

Here are few shots from the day:

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