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Caroline and Stephen's Engagement at Mercer Botanical Garden

Caroline and Stephen

Caroline and Stephen - such a lovely couple, just made for each other. They both are jolly, funny and down to earth. I had great time taking there photos.

Caroline probably found us on instagram, I believe. She requested for an engagement session through our website, and we decided to do it at the Mercer Botanical garden. They were still unsure of their wedding location or the date, so we just had the engagement session.

it was a cloudy day, so we decided to get started at 3 PM. It worked out perfectly as the sun wasnt harsh, it was diffused by the cloud. At the same time the park closes at 5 pm....

The main thing is, we all had fun and I always enjoy making new friends. Which is why we do what we do:)

Our goal during an engagement session is to capture the real love, feelings and emotion they have for each other. Capture how they feel for each other, I feel like we were able to do it with Caroline and Stephen.

Here are few shots from the session:

Hopefully they will let us be part of their big day as well -

Thank you!

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