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Charlotte and Sam's Engagement at their backyard

Charlotte connected with us on the knot. We had a video chat and then she decided to hire us for her big day. I am glad that she did, otherwise I would have never known how nice and down to earth this couple was! Charlotte is a very busy medical professional and Sam is in oil and gas. They both are busy, it was hard to find a date where they both were available for the engagement shoot. We did the shoot at Charlotte's parents house, in their backyard. It is a beautiful house with a nice scenery in the back. What truly surprised me is their Dog. I never saw such obedient and smart dog. He literally followed the instruction during the shoot!:)

Here are few shots from the shoot and can't wait to shoot their wedding in January 2021.

I decided to make a quick 20 sec video (just something extra I wanted to do for them) - It was not part of contract or plan, just for fun.

Here it is:

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