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Jessica and Shaun Wedding - May 25, 2019

Shaun and Jessica at Lasker Inn

We met Jessica at the #BridalExtravaganza. I believe atleast thats where she got our information. Her wedding was at the Lasker INN at Galveston where we shot a wedding for the first time. It is a nice house that has been converted to a a very nice venue. Nice chandelier, grand piano and beautiful decoration throughout the house made it stand out to us.

Here are few shots from the getting ready: Jessica looked beautiful!

Even thought the ceremony was around 5 PM it was still very hot and humid, (Houston summer days are not easy). I believe the temperature was around 90F. But a gentle breeze was helping it cool down and made the overall temperature very comfortable. However it wasn't easy to change the settings on the camera on the fly as the sun kept coming in and out...of the cloud.

Here are few shots from the ceremony:

Finally the party started after the ceremony. After we had a quick session with the bride and groom on the roof top of the venue (it was amazing) we had our reception started. Dinner...cake cutting...speeches ....dancing....and then ended with a grand exit.

We will add the highlight video as soon as it is ready.

We wish Jessica and Shaun a very happy and never ending conjugal life. Also thank you for letting us be part of your special day!

Venue: The Lasker INN, Galveston, TX

Photographer/Videographer: Oryan Photo Video

DJ: Jay Flowers

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