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Jose and Kim's Beautiful Wedding at White oaks on the Bayou.

Jose and Kim after the ceremony

Jose and Kim, both were at the military - the USMC. They fell in love and you could tell by looking at them how deep their love is for each other.

Jose contacted me one day as they saw one of our photos at the venue they picked, and they wanted to hire us for their big day, we have done several weddings at White oaks on the Bayou venue. The outdoor set up is very beautiful there.

The day of the wedding was very cloudy and gloomy, so the pictures were not so flashy but I loved it as the sunlight was diffused. But I was so scare that it may start raining any minute!

Jose worked really hard to make the day beautiful for Kim and it was a beautiful wedding with close friends and family.

Here are few shots of kim getting ready and the ceremony:



Venue: White Oaks on the Bayou

Photo/Video Oryan Photo and Video

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