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Kasandra and Eric's beautiful day at Bernhardt winery

During the summer of 2019, Eric and an old buddy went rock climbing at Inspire Rock. This was a place where Kasandra had been going for quite some time and happened to be there that day. She was on the wall looking like a rock star! Eric could barely get off the ground. He went over and told Kasandra how good she was doing and that this was his first time to attempt rock climbing in years. He made a bet with her that if he made it to the top of the wall, she would have to have a cup of coffee with him. So, she agreed and although it took him multiple attempts, he finally made it up the wall. As they sat at the small coffee bar within the gym, they talked and laughed for a couple of hours. Then, as they said their goodbyes, Eric asked Kasandra for her number. She smiled and gladly gave it to him.For weeks, they talked continuously and spent all their time together. One night, under the moon and stars, Eric looked at Kasandra and said “if this was the 1920’s, I would have already asked you to marry me.” Kasandra knew how cheesy that sounded, but she felt the same way. So, as the story goes, they moved into a cute townhome and continued to grow in love with one another. On April 6, 2020, the night of the “Supermoon”, Eric wrote Kasandra a poem and anxiously awaited for her to get home from work. They went out on to the deck like they did most nights. On this night, under the big and beautiful bright moon, Eric gave Kasandra the poem. As she read the most beautiful poem, Eric dropped to one knee and pulled out a ring from his pocket… Kasandra could not say YES fast enough! Overfilled with joy, she could not to wait to marry this wonderful man of her dreams! Now that is a real LOVE story!

Their wedding was held at a beautiful winery, kinds out of no where, but very beautiful. They weather was perfect.

Here are some Pre-Ceremony pictures:

The day was mostly cloudy, but as the ceremony started, the sun came out. it was beautiful but quite a mix of light and shadow...

Then we moved to Reception: Short, sweet, simple but elegant.