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Katherine and Jeff - Engagement Session

I had the engagement session with Katherine and her fiancee Jeff couple of weeks ago I believe. Katherine is another bride that booked us for her wedding without meeting us in person. She found us at the Bridal Show I believe.

Eitherway, we did the engagement session at our usual spot, and the weather was just perfect, so it was crowded!

But meeting them in person was amazing. Katherine and jeff both are very down to earth person. They are also very shy. Just like any other couple, first 15 min was tough as they were pretty stiff, but then they eased up a little and I guess I was able to make them feel comfortable. My goal is always to capture real them when I do an engagement session - what they do, how they talk to each other, how they feel for each other, how they walk ...etc etc

Here are few shots from the day:

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