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Melinda-Alejandro Wedding at Pine Lake Ranch

This is a love story of two beautiful souls. Melinda and Alejandro met at Rocket's viewing party, celebrating a game 7 victory for the Rocket's heading to the championship. Melinda appeared to be upset and Alejandro showed up and asked, "Why are you mad?". Melinda explained what was bothering her, and this is how the great love story started. She was charmed by his company, honesty and view of life. Eventhough they did not know each other but from the short conversation they had on that day, it felt like they knew each other forever. It felt like they were perfect match for each other. From that moment on, they met up for friendly dates. They officially became a couple about a month later. They enjoy each other's company and especially the time with each other's family. At the end it is perfect that they decided to spend their life with each other forever....

Pine Lake Ranch is a beautiful venue. This is probably the second time we shot there. Our Photographer Elvin, videographer Albi and Alec did awesome job capturing the best moments in best possible ways, ofcourse our tasks became easier with the beautiful bride and the handsome groom.

Here are few shots from getting ready:

Few shots from the ceremony:

And few from Reception:

Here is the highlight video from the fabulous wedding:

Venue: Pine Lake Ranch

Photographer: Elvin (Oryan Photo Video)

Video: Oryan Photo Video

DJ 436-350-1437,

MUA 832-785-7255,

Florist 832-477-0014

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