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Nafee and Umreen's Wedding at Sans Souci Ballroom

Nafee and Umreen

Nafee's sister in law contacted me about Nafee's wedding about a year ago. Bangladeshi wedding always excites me as I am from Bangladesh and I get to taste the culture and tradition while taking pictures, and ofcourse shooting Bangladeshi wedding takes me backto my childhood memories! So I accepted the job. Part of the promise, I did their engagement shoot in downtown about 4 months ago. Here is the link:

Through facebook friends, I observed that Umreen and Nafee's wedding celebration lasted like a month long, even though I only covered the last two main events. It seemed like there were get together and celebration with friends and families every weekend for more than a month. Thats how our culture is - its about celebration ..its about welcoming friends and families....

Here are few pictures from the reception.

Some getting ready shots:

This is the first time I shot at Sans Souci Ballroom. It is one of the prettiest venues I have been at. Very beautiful...

Few pictures from actual reception from grand entrance to exit:

Thank you again and we wish Nafee and Umrin a never ending and happy conjugal life.

Here is the highlight video from their wedding:

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