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Nisara and Ramon's Wedding at the Springs Event

Nisara and Ramon - Beautiful and down to earth couple. They found us on weddingwire I believe and contacted us. Nisara and Ramon both live in San Antonio, so we never really had a chance to meet in person but we did have a video conference, and Nisara picked up from the conference. We appreciate her faith on us!

Ramon met Niasar at the University. As he was entering class room building, his eyes got stuck on beautiful Nisara, and he was determined - She is the ONE! And ofcourse as I am writing this, she is the one in his life. They are just made for each other.

They were supposed to. have Grand 2-3 days long wedding with a lot of guests - fun, party and huge Celebration. But the plan changed due to Covid - 19. While a lot of weddings we had schedule between March and June got rescheduled, Nisara and Ramon's wedding date did not change. Covid-19 could not defeat their love. The size of wedding shrunk, and we surely missed the big Indian wedding open dance floor and Synchronized dance! But we are glad that their love story won the battle against Covid-19 and we had the opportunity to craft their love story....

Here are some pictures from the getting ready and Milk Ceremony:

After the Milk ceremony we headed down to the Springs Events Lake Conroe - for the Nikah ceremony followed by small reception.

Here are some pictures from the Nikah ceremony and reception: