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Octavio and Brenda's Wedding at the Springs Event at Magnolia.

Talking about childhood love - this couple is perfect example. They met each other through mutual friends but they met long long long time ago and they grew up together falling in love with each other - Yes thats them - Brenda and Octavio.

We happened to do the wedding of Brenda's sister Nora as well. They met us at the. Bridal Extravaganza and I had a chance to meet them closely during their engagement session. They both are very casual, fun and down to earth people.

Their wedding was held at the Spring Event in Magnolia, we have just done so many weddings there, it is a beautiful venue.

We did provide both photo and video service for their wedding. Here are few photos from their getting ready and ceremony:

Their reception was a blast! A lot of singing, dancing and fun...

Here are few shots from the reception:

Here is the highlight video of their beautiful wedding:

Thanks everyone!

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