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An afternoon with Nick and Taylor....

Nick and Taylor

Taylor found us on The Knot. We chatted and ofcourse we are lucky to convince her to let us be part her special day:) As a part of the package we had a fun afternoon with the couple shooting their engagement photos.

Nick is one of the grooms to be that I came across was so comfortable in front of the camera. So he Taylor. I did not even have to work hard to bring out the love and chemistry between them - It was already there - all I had to do - just click!

Taylor and Nick obviously did not follow the social distance rules - so we had a surprising news from the couple - a baby is on the way which was unexpected but they are very excited about the little one. Believe Taylor is due a month before her wedding in May 2021, it would be interesting.

Cant wait to be part of their wedding day! Here are few clicks from the day:

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