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Parneet and Rajdeep Engagement Shoot

Parneet and Rajdeep

Parneet is super friendly and super nice individual. She contacted us online, and from there we have been talking about different packages to meet her need and budget. In the process we became really good friends. Part of the package we did her engagement shoot today, and had a chance to meet Rajdeep, her fiancee as well. Rajdeep has a great personality as well. Its like they are perfect and made for each other. In the two hours that we spent together taking pictures, we became really good friends, and felt like we knew each other for long time.

Initially they were really stiff taking pictures, but slowly became super comfortable and as a result I was able capture some great shots! I am looking forward to capturing special moments at the wedding in November.

Here are few shots from the engagement session:

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