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Rabib-Sumaiya Gaye Holud

Rabib and Sumaiya

#Bangladeshi #Wedding #Traditions: #Gayeholud. The Gaye holud (pronounced guy hoolud) is an important pre wedding tradition at Bengali weddings. It is somewhat equivalent to a #bridal shower. The term Gaye Holud translates roughly to body tumeric, It doesn't sound that great but it's one of the most enjoyable #ceremonies. Very #colorful and full of #singing, #dancing and a lot of yummy #food!

Last night we celebrated Rabib and Sumaiya's gaye holud in Katy, TX. Although it was definitely not as fun as if it held in Bangladesh, but it was a great ceremony. A lot of great performances, food and pretty faces! The place was pretty crowded, and we had really hard time taking photos as everyone jumped in front of the camera with Iphone and Ipads to take photos forgetting about us:) Well we do understand that posting pictures right away on #Facebook is pretty important as well:) Pretty much we had to fight back with the crowd to get some good shots. Here are a few we wanted to share:

We will be looking forward to the wedding ceremony on the 9th March, 2019.

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