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Randi and Jacob's Wedding at Beckendorff Farms

Randi and we met at the Bridal Extravaganza last year. She actually noticed us when when she saw her highschool friend's wedding photo at our booth. She stopped by and looked at what we had to offer, and she signed up for the special we had for the bridal show!:)

But we were truly amazed by her love story.

Randi and Jacob met on a dating app around the time Hurricane Harvey was making its way to the greater Houston Area. While on this app she thought to herself "Man, this guy is really cute but he SUCKS at responding so let me just give this total stranger my number!" And so she did. They started texting back and forth for a couple of days until he finally asked her out on a date. Their date was at her favorite Mexican restaurant in Friendswood, Gringos. Now Jacob lives in Spring. Which is a pretty long drive just for some Mexican food and possibly an awkward date. Their date went amazing though, they had wonderful food, amazing conversation, and terrible dairy free ice cream at the park! By the end of the date she knew that she wanted a second date with him, and hopefully he wanted the same, and they went their ways. Through out the week the talk on the town was Harvey, and when it was going to hit and where. Friday rolls around and they decide to have a second date, but this time on his side of town. She drive up to Spring, he cooks a wonderful dinner, and she spend a lot of the night playing with his beautiful dog Sophie. So now it’s time to wrap up the night and Jacob breaks the news that he's not going to let her leave because parts of I-45 have already started flooding. She has known this man for a week and now she is about to ride out a massive hurricane with him??? Day one and two weren't too bad until they got out and went to Whataburger and they ran out of food right when they pulled up. On day three they had to evacuate his apartment and go to his friends house and ride out the rest of the storm there. Once this whole thing was finally over and she was back to her side of town, they told each other that they probably wont talk to each other for two weeks. Jacob was over in Friendswood the NEXT Day helping muck houses with Randi's family and church. Needless to say the rest fell into place beautifully and then they got married...

Here are some pictures from the ceremony:

The farm is very pretty, and the reception area looked glamorous during reception.

Few shots from the reception:

Here is the highlight video from their wedding:

Thanks you again.

Make up- Bell Chic Katelyn, 702-325-0725

Food- Behind the Bash- Rachel

Flowers- Monica Bridal and touch of glitz- Monica, 832-880-6849

DJ- Rick Meyers

Cypress Photo Camper-

Decor- Rustic Rose wedding rentals

Decor- Your Theme our Things- Dee Ann Emberton 713-826-9769

Cake- Dough Re Mi Bakery

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