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Safin and Samad's Special day....

Samad and Safin

Safin came across us when we did her family friend's wedding a few days ago. They were supposed to have a grand wedding - but things changed as pandemic hits Houston. They postponed their wedding - so lost the venue - original photographer/videographer, and they decided to do a small weddings for now and postponed the big celebration until next year.

At first let me tell you about the couple - Safin and Samad both are such a beautiful and down to earth individuals. Samad is so easy going, so is Safin.

One of our team started at Safin's house capturing his getting ready where as another team started at Samad's house capturing her getting ready. Once they were ready, they had small milk ceremony at their houses and Safin came down to Samad's house to pick her up and take it to the mosque for the actual ceremony.

After the ceremony there was a car parade with their friends at the Mosque. All their friends that could not attend the wedding due to Pandemic drove by to wish them.

At last we went back to Safin's house for a small reception where they had some traditional games with family members and the new bride.

Their big ceremony will be happening next year and we are looking forward to it.

Here are few pictures from their wedding:

Here is the highlight video from their wedding:

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Lachlan Brows
Lachlan Brows
Jun 27, 2023

Hi. I got acquainted with your blog, you make cool photos and videos of the wedding, I would like to invite you if I hadn't been married for 5 years) I want to ask you a technical question, what applications do you use to work with videos? Which of their applications in this list would you give your preference to?

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