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Sean and Shannon - (2S) wedding at LoneStar Flight Museum....

Sean and Shannon at the Church (St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica)

Sean and Shannon - both names rhymes with each other!:) and they are made for each other as well.

There are two things excited me about this wedding besides the couple themselves - Historic Church and reception at LoneStar Flight Museum.

St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica is a beautiful and historic Church in Galveston. Unfortunately most of the church was under renovation so, we could not do many pictures there, specially outdoor, but still the pictures that we took there were beautiful!

Sean and Shannon have known each other since they were 15, but it took the stars aligning many years later for them to truly see the light. They have been family friends for years, but in 2017, Sean sent Shannon a photo of the zenith of the American Eclipse in Texas with an airplane in it. Shannon was in France solo hiking in the Alps before a friend's wedding when she received that picture. This celestial photo began a conversation that has never ended and set everything else into motion for their love and their story.

We started our day at Schaefer Haus Galveston, a beautiful historic house - and then moved to church and at the end to the museum.

Here are few shots from getting ready and the church:

Some shots from reception: