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Shina and Drew's Fabulous Wedding at Butler's Courtyard

Shina and Drew after the ceremony

Shina came across us on Facebook. I believe almost 2 years ago. Since then we did probably another 100 weddings! But we appreciate Shina reaching out to us and giving us the opportunity to capture her big day..

We have done jewish wedding in past, and we have done many Indian weddings, this is the first time we did jewish-Indian wedding. It is very special to us because of that. There was jewish ceremony and during reception they performed Indian ceremony as well. Very interesting bur fabulous arrangement. Their first dance was just jaw dropping wow!

Shina and Drew met in graduate school. Shina was getting her master's degree while Drew was getting his law degree. They had a crossover class between the two schools. About 2 years later, Shina messaged Drew on LinkedIn to congratulate him on a new job, and we hit it off from there! I am glad that LinkedIn Exists!

After the ceremony the couple decided to adopt kitten! Very Cute~!

Here are few shots from the ceremony and getting ready

Some Shots from Reception: