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Stephanie and Aaron's beautiful wedding at Heather's Glen

Aaron and Stephanie

Stephanie connected with us online after she came across our pictures at Heather's Glen. Her wedding was on 7/3, just the day before independence day. I was thinking Aaron is going to lose his freedom the day before we all earned freedom:) Just kidding. But yes, we did not even meet or chat in person, and Stephanie decided to hire us. That just says, how much faith she had on us. Ofcourse she gets special treats being a Heather's Glen Bride as well! Aaron and Stephanie they are such a beautiful and down to earth couple - and are just made for each other. They met in their teens through childhood friends. They later reconnected. Their childhood friendship is totally reflected in their beautiful relationship. They also went to the same church.

Here are few shots from her getting ready, ceremony and after ceremony couples session:

Honestly speaking with the so many cancellation and rescheduling, we though perhaps with rising case of Covid-19 her wedding will be postponed as well. But they decided to move forward with the original date and we thought there wont be many guests! But for this love couple couple almost everyone showed but and made it a blast for them! Such a beautiful night with friends and family.

Here are more pictures from the reception:

Thank you again Stephanie and Aaron for letting us be part of your special day

Here is the highlight video from their wedding:

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