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Stephanie and Tom's beautiful wedding at Ranch Austin

Venue: Ranch Austin

Date: April 18, 2021

Stephanie and Tom are perfect example of love and fate! Tom was a graduate student in Philadelphia when Stephanie just moved to Philadelphia with a new job and was looking for apartment to share. Tom happened to be looking for roommate as well in his apartment and there you go! He found Stephanie as his roommate! They became close friends and eventually started dating after 6 months. After that, we all can see what happened:)

Tom and Stephanie's wedding was supposed to be held last year in April. Due to covid, they pushed the wedding out exactly 1 year how ever, they still did get married last year but just two of them. We were fortunately enough to capture that small ceremony as well. But here we will talk about the beautiful gathering in Austin, TX to celebrate their wedding after a year.

We started at 11 am in the morning when Stephanie and her bridesmaids just arrived at the venue. The weather was just perfect. We started with dress shot and getting ready pics. We had a team of 4, two of us stayed with Stephanie while two of us stayed with Tom when he arrived at the Venue little later.

Here are few shots from the pre-ceremony:

After they got ready, they have a first look and gift exchange with each other

Then we moved to ceremony. It was help outside in the beautiful sunny weather.

After the ceremony and fabulous photo session with the couple the reception started and the couple walked in to the reception hall.