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Stephanie and Tom's quarantine Wedding at McGovern Centennial Gardens.

Stephanie and Tom

We met Stephanie at the Bridal Extravaganza. Then I had a c hange to get to know them closely during our Engagement session.

They both are very down to earth people! Such a nice couple. Tom is very shy, but once he opens up, he is very fun as well.

Tom and Stephanie's wedding was supposed to happen on April 18, but ofcourse due to Lockdown they postponed the wedding to next year. But they still wanted to have a quick ceremony just two of them, and get officially married.

They had a small ceremony in Downtown park, and we had the opportunity to capture the moments.

Here are few shots from the day. Stephanie wore her mom's wedding dress I believe, it s was a beautiful dress and she looked Gorgeous.

We are looking forward to April 2021 to be part of their huge wedding in Austin.

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