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Stephanie-John's small but beautiful wedding

John and Stephanie

Stephanie and John - they are like down the earth couple. Stephanie found us on weddingwire, and she booked us even without meeting me in person. Again we really appreciate her faith in us. She wanted great pictures and she went with us. First time I met them was their engagement session.

They were both very shy and stiff int he beginning of the session but by the time I was done with them, I became great friend and at the same time they were very comfortable with me. That clearly reflected on their wedding day.

They met in high school! Stephanie was a freshman and John was a sophomore and they were in art class. Originally they were not sitting near each other but somehow managed to gravitate towards each other. They dated for a few years in high school and then separated once John graduated. A few years later they found our way back to one another and have been together ever since.

Here are some pictures from their wedding:

Here is the wedding highlight:

Location: Brenner's Steakhouse

Briana Fly- Make up

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