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Taylor - Jonathan Wedding at Heather's Glen

Taylor and Jonathan

Our journey with Taylor and Jonathan started with a quote request on our website. Taylor saw our works at Heather's Glen and reached out to us to learn more about what we could offer for her special day. As usual we got excited about being part of your their special day and provided a great package deal, specially since her wedding was at Heather's Glen.

Her package included engagement pictures, so I had the opportunity to meet them for the first time during their engagement session. (link includes the pictures from the engagement)

We have done probably more than 250 weddings in last 3 years and I can say with full confidence that Taylor and Jonathan as a couple is one of the best couples I worked with. So nice, humble and down to earth. Not only I had the chance to be part of their special day but also I had the opportunity to make two great friends!

Here are few shots from the wedding day:

Few getting ready shots

Few shots from Ceremony:

The reception was mostly outdoor - even though it was hot and humid, but was fun! It is beautiful outside at heathers glen, specially with all the nightlights.

Here is the highlight video from the wedding

Venue: heather's Glen

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