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The Beautiful Wedding of Jayni and Sameet at Los Cabos -

Where can I start - well I will start with the fact that I forgot to write a blog about this wedding - and this wedding happened in last year December! Such a beautiful and fun wedding - yet I forgot to write about it.

Jayni met us at a Bridal Show, and later on she contacted us yo request for a quote. From there we also came to know that both of our mother's have same name - it was kinda amazing. Either-way we were given the opportunity to capture Jayni and Sameet's special day. So we started packing .....

Day 1:

Total three of us flew to Los Cabos. Two Videographers and myself as Photographer. The journey wasn't too bad but was tiring. Well once we got in the airport, the custom got us in trouble for bringing too many cameras, we had to pay about $500 taxes as they believed that we would be selling these cameras. We had like 2 Drones, 4 Videocameras and 4 still picture cameras with us - so I do not blame them!

The first event was on the same day - they called it welcoming party. At night Cabo on the beach - the environment was just awesome, lovely and Romantic. Here are few pictures from the event -


Day 2 started really early Morning with Prayers and Pithi Ceremony. The main obstacles for the event was at that point - harsh and bright sun. Even the cameras were over heating due to heat from the sun.

Day 2: Night: Garba Night

We had probably about 3 hours break, we grabbed our lunch real quick. I downloaded all photos and video quickly as we were doing same day edit. Then I went out to check out the hotel - it was fabulous with so many amenities they offered. The night started a little late as most of the guests were pretty tired from the event in the morning. But once it started, it was just full of fun -

Few pictures from the night:

Day 3: Morning - Ceremony:

Turned out to be beautiful morning. We started with getting ready shots, but with one photographer, it was not the easiest thing to do - running between bride and Groom's room and capture their moments -

Once the getting ready was completed, after the prayer, we had the barat. it was awesome barat. The groom got on a 4 wheeler and rest of the crews followed him - it was so much fun - again the biggest obstacle was the sun and its almost unbearable heat...

Few pictures from morning:

Day 3 - Reception:

Finally the last event was the reception. We did live telecast to a big screen and also same day editing for the last three days until the end of ceremony.

The night was full of fun - including a lot of great performances, singing..cake cutting and ofcourse fun with family members.

Here is the highlight video - from the whole event:

At the end, I would like to thank you Jayni and Sameet for letting us be part of their journey - and capture their beautiful destination wedding. Jayni and Sameet are literally one of the nicest and down to earth couples I worked with. We wish them a never ending conjugal life.....

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