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Will-Sirat Fusion Wedding @Indigo Hotel, Galleria

Will and Sirat

Sirat is a friend of my sister's friend. Thats how we got introduced to her, and I am glad that we were introduced, otherwise we would have missed out the fabulous fusion wedding where we learned once again that #Love has no #Boundary. Here are some pictures from the first day where they followed tradition from #Bangladesh. Sirat is originally from Bangladesh and Will is from US. I believe they met each other overseas and fell in love with each other! It was like love at #FirstSight. Here are few more pictures but a lot more pictures to come. The event was two day events, first day they had traditional wedding activities from Bangladesh, and the second day was more of an American style wedding. I will post the second day pictures separately.

Precious Nuptials did a great job as usual throughout the weekend. They set up the meetings with vendors as well when will came earlier to set up everything for for the big day.

Day 1: 2/22/19

Day 2: American wedding 2/23/19

Even though it rained in the morning the but afternoon was #perfect. The bride was wearing traditional #Bangladeshi outfit for the #wedding. Our team arrived at 2 PM to start with the Groom's getting ready photos and the Bride arrived around 3:30 pm at the venue. We did some getting ready shots with the bride and her maids. They were all wearing #traditional Bangladeshi Sarees.

Dukessa is a small but very beautiful venue in the center of Houston, we did several weddings there and it is beautiful inside. We were able to get some great shots. Here are few shots from day 2:

Here is the Highlight Video of the event:



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