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Brenda - Mario Wedding at Bell Tower the 34th.

Brenda and Mario at the Annunciation Church in Houston Downtown

Brenda's assistant Blanca called me from out of state number one day, and I actually ignored the first time thinking it must be telemarketing. Then I listened to the voice mail and found out that she was looking for photographer and she found our information from Bell tower as we are their preferred vendor.

She set up the meeting for me, I met Brenda and Mario at that meeting. Very down to earth great couple. They both are very quiet and calm however Mario loves to have fun. Eitherway, we did offer a great deal and I am glad things worked out and we were able to be do provide photo and video service for their weddings.

Here are few photos from the wedding ceremony only which was held in the annunciation church in downtown. From there we drove down to bell tower for the reception.

Few photos from Ceremony:

Here are few shots from the reception:

Here is the lovely video from their wedding:

Venue: Bell Tower 34th

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