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Caitlin and Kenneth Wedding at Lindsey Lakes

Caitlyn and Kenneth inside the chapel.

Caitlyn moved to Houston from California, so he brought the Coolness from California with her! She booked us almost a year ago, and I was excited because her venue #LindseyLakes was right next to my house.

The day was gloomy in the morning and then it turned out to be really sunny. Unfortunately I had food poisoning the day before and luckily I had Elvin helping me on the day. But luckily I managed to be there at the wedding as well taking pictures.

It was quite difficult to take picture during her ceremony due to really bright light outside. The sunlight hit the stage through the the large windows next to the doors. But we managed to get some good shots. The reception was super laid back and cool, with all the friends and families. Caitlyn wanted a lot of candid shots and that's what we did. We will be posting more pictures later on. Here are few shots from the day.

At the end, we thank you Caitlyn and Kenneth for letting us be part of their special day, and wishing them a very happy never ending conjugal life.

Few shots from the reception:

Venue: #LindseyLakes in Cypress, TX

The Fairest One

Photography: #OryanPhotoVideo

Wedding Date: 4/14/19

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