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Daron and Heather's Wedding at Butler's Courtyard

Daron and Heather during their First Dance

Daron and I connected #online. He is a quick #decisionMaker! We connected and boom! He wanted to book us. Initially he only booked up for 4 hours but later on he added an hour. But the point is he was a quick decision maker. Later on we did have a conference call with Heather too, and both of them are such a nice and #cutecouple! We were honored to be part of your special day. Also #ButlersCourtyard is very nice! This was not the first weeding we had there, but hopefully definitely not the last. Since the time was short in this wedding, we did not get many of the shots we wanted with the bride and groom, to capture some of the night light beauty of the venue.

Then the #dad showed up. We had the #FirstLook with dad.

Moved to ceremony afterwards. It was a #cloudy but #beautifulday. Cloud made it nice, because it was perfect lighting for outdoor picture and we did not have the heat in Texas. Although it was very humid.

Then we had a very little time to capture #decoration and #couplesShots.

after this...just #dance ...#Dance and #Dance. The night ended with #GrandExit (#BubbleExit) with close family and friends.

Here is the #Highlight Video from the day

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