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Karli and Charlie's special day at Heather's Glen

Karli and Charlie made for each other

Karli and Charlie's big day was on 5/30/2020. But they had to postponed it to 7/11/2020 due to lockdown because of Covid -19. Even with the rising cases in Houston - their wedding was just beautiful and full of fun. They enjoy their perfect day with their family members and friends.

Karli and her mom contacted us as they saw one of our photobooks at Heather's Glen. Karli loved our pictures. First time I met Karli and Charlie, it was their engagement session. Charlie is definitely a very quiet person....I mean really quiet and very nice. He is very shy as well. Ofcourse as we spent more time during the session he became more relaxed. They met each other at college and my first impression when I met Charlie was - wow - Karli and Charlie - just made for each other!

Next time I met Karlie was during her Bridal shoot. First time I saw her dress, I was like wow! It is beautiful, however not that great if you want to move around too much! :) Definitely not good in Texas Heat - no wonder Karli did not want too many picture outside on the wedding day! But it is a beautiful Dress. Here is a link to her Bridal shoot and engagement session.

Here are few shots from getting ready and Ceremony:

After Ceremony we wanted to do a photo session with bride and groom outside - we had to give up in 5 minutes due to July Texas HEAT! We all just wanted to get back to AC room - so we went back to reception for fun!

We went back and got some photos later in the evening, but not as many as we wanted.

Few photos from reception: