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Lacey and Lee's wedding at Carriage House

Lacey and Lee

Lacey and her mom Beverly contacted us online. I believe they saw one of our pictures at the carriage house and loved our work. I met with them at a starbucks and offered them a great package for Lacey's special day.

Lacey mentioned that she was absolutely picky when it comes down to Photo and Video - specially when its about her special day. She wanted to make sure we capture every moments, and not only just capturing but capturing it nicely.

My first session with Lacey was during her bridal session. Wanted to mention that her wedding and bridal session both were affected by the pandemic and the date was pushed down to end of July from May.

Lacey's bridal outfit was different. Not only just different but beautiful and of course I must say (and you will see in the picture) how beautiful she looked in that outfit.

Here are few shots from the bridal session: (it was a very HOT and Humid day in texas, and we could not really do it close to sunset as carriage house only had 3 PM slot open)

During his speech, Lee said he met Lacey first time at HEB, and as soon as he saw her, he knew that she was the one, and he had to go talk to her. The rest is history and we all know! But this is called Love at First Sight!

Here are few pictures from their special day, including some getting ready shots, ceremony and reception