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Melanie and Blake's beautiful wedding at Big Sky Barn

Melanie and Blake

Melanie and Blake met each other when they were kids. They actually grew up together and they parents joked all the time - that they will eventually get married to each other and this is what really happened!

During her speech, Melanie's maid of honor said - Melania was a girl that pretty much kept all the boys on run all the time - I guess except for one - who happened to be her favorite and happened to be standing next to her on her big day - yes, thats Blake.

Melanie and Blake - they both are very young, energetic and down to earth individuals. Blake loves guns. He has probably a huge collection of guns as he loves hunting. Melanie is just beautiful inside out. I had the opportunity to spend time with them during their engagement session - at a gold club (i posted those pics in my blog earlier). I had so much fun with them during the session.

Their actual wedding got postponed from May I believe and got moved to July - because of the pandemic but as we got close to the wedding - corona virus case in Texas reach to the peak pretty much, we were having 10k new cases everyday. But Melanie and Blake decided to move forward with their wedding and had a blast with their close friends and family members.

We started with getting ready shots:

We moved to the ceremony afterwards. the ceremony was super short as they already have a small nice ceremony earlier.

Their wedding was held at Big Sky Barn. A beautiful venue - the decoration and the set up was amazing. Also they have so many nice picture spots around the venue. We could not take a lot of pictures of the couple as couple was very tired and Blake was not feeling great.

But we still captured some amazing moments: