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Rebecca-Francisco Wedding at the Overlook

Francisco and Rebecca

The wedding of Francisco and Rebecca was held on 3/24/19. Rebecca's coordinator Deborah initially contacted me to see if we were available to capture Rebecca and Francisco's special day. And whether we do have discount for military. Ofcourse we do. The veterans are always very special to us. They are the ones leaving everything behind fighting for our freedom. We do appreciate everything they do for us. We absolutely wanted to be part of Rebecca and Francisco's special day. We did their engagement shoot as well. Here are few photos from their special day.

There are a lot more pictures than these ones below and I will post the video and more pictures within couple of weeks.

Here are few shots from the reception: We did have a plan for a grand exit although it did not happen as it was already late and some of the guest already left. But we sure had a lot of fun singing and dancing.

Here is the highlight video:

Venue: The Overlook Spring, TX

Photographer: Oryan Photo and Video

Videographer: Oryan Photo and Video

Coordinator: Deborah Comeaux

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