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When the love is caught by the fishes...

The ring!

When Lexi from inventive Events LLC emailed me about this couple and if we were interested to do their weddings at @DowntownAquarium i said yes right away! I wanted to see the love getting caught by the fish...:) They did not confirm the booking for long time but I am glad that we were still available when they confirmed. It was a great wedding with a great couple, Jill and Elvin did an awesome job at the wedding. The wedding was just two days before the new year eve, so everyone was in pretty festive mode including the bride and groom.

Here are some shots from getting ready:

Ceremony location: Ceremony Site: St. Alphonsus, 9217 E Avenue L, Houston, TX 77012

The reception was at the Downtown aquarium. The whole downtown was decorated with lights, and there are the fishes in aquarium....catching the love....

Photography: Oryan Photo Video

Coordinator: Inventive Events LLC

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